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Orgasm Girl Orgasm Girl

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I used to think this game was too difficult to beat, but today I gave it another try. After reading some tips from other users I figured out, FINALLY, how to please the young Ashley. Not only did I please her, I unlocked all three secrets, with an A. It's actually not that hard to do it just takes a method. My method was to first make sure I touched every part of her body that I could with clothes on. Her left and right breast and nipples (through bra), her stomach, her vagina (through skirt), her inner thigh, and then once I did that, I moved her arm away. When her State meter was near full again I removed her skirt. Then touched her vagina through the panty, and her pubis through the panties. Next, with her state meter full again I rubbed her nipple till it was erect. After that, with her meter full again, I rubbed her vagina till it was wet. After all that, with her meter full, I removed her bra and touched her left and right breast's and nipples. After that I bought the sleeping pills and candle. As soon as the meter was full again, I removed her panties and touched the pubis, vagina, and sweet spot. The sweet spot isn't hard to find, it's just below where the vaginal slit ends. With her meter full once again I used my candle and rubbed her sweet spot until her State meter was near empty, then I used the pills, and continued rubbing, and tada we have orgasim and several unlocked secrets. Loved the game, keep it up!

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Walking Beauty Walking Beauty

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey quit your bitching

I liked it, it was fun, not too hard, or too simple either. Good job, the graphics are good too.